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Hi, my name is Nancy Lasher. I have been on my healing journey for close to five years now. I always knew as a child that I was different than the other kids that I was in school with. Little did I know that my gifts would first present themselves to me at the age of 12 when my brother passed away. As a young adult, I suppressed my gifts out of fear and because of my conservative Catholic upbringing. A few years ago, I started searching for holistic healing practices that would help my daughter with her anxiety and depression when I stumbled upon Reiki and my life changed forever. The more that I practiced it, the more gifts presented themselves to me. 

I am a Reiki Master, Holy Light Levels 1&2 Practitioner, Naturopathic Practitioner, Symphony of the Cells facilitator, Master EFT/TFT Tapping Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader, Divine Channel, Psychic Medium, Law of Attraction Coach, doTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, Metaphysical Educator and Shaklee Vitamin and Minerals Distributor. I work closely with all the Archangels and allow them to use me as a vessel to bring messages from loved ones to my clients. My passion is to help my clients to heal in healthy ways and to bring balance to their mind, body, spirit, and soul. Namaste


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*All classes are offered both in-person and online

Client Feedback 

I have know her for many years and she is one of the most Generous and wonderful

person I have had the pleasure to have in my life.. I had alot of spiritual things happening

and my energy was all haywire.... So many questions? And No answers to say the least it

was frustrating!! But one Day Something OR Someone told me to call Nancy... And I am

so glad I did!!! She helped me spiritually and gave me the tools to help understand my

true potential gift... Sense then I have been more open more relaxed and proud and

strong and secure in (WHO) I Am.. Thanks to Nancy... So I say to you!! If you are

struggling spiritually or ( There are things you don't understand )... Nancy is there to

help and she makes you feel good about yourself when ( Maybe you don't)... She gave

me a whole new life spiritually .... She has always been a beautiful blessing in my life but

she always helped me more than she will ever know...


I have been seeing Nancy for Reiki and Angel card readings for over 2 years. Nancy is momma bear, she is coming in strong full of love and grace, ready to help you release all that doesn't serve you. Nancy is one of the most loyal, talented, compassionate and selfless woman I know. I recommend Nancy to anyone ready to recieve guidance and healing.

Lacy H. 

When Nancy does my Angel Card readings, she always begins by bringing an energy of love. She gives me the guidance that I need by conveying the message that comes through to her in a gentle way. Nancy has an amazing ability to bring to light what my soul needs to hear. She gives intuitive guidance on how to become closer to my authentic self. I’m always left with a sense of calm and onto the next step in my spiritual path. Nancy is truly gifted!

Steph W. 

I have been coming to Nancy for what I call my spiritual therapy. I see her monthly for reiki and to get my chakras all better. I've been on my own spiritual journey and Nancy constantly offers advice and encouragement along the way. She definitely goes over and beyond and I'm thankful the universe brought us together! Manifesting queens!

Billy T. 


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